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PE bottle

Capacity: 30ml, Neck finish: 18/415, Diameter: 28mm Height: 82mm

Capacity: 100ml Neck: finish: 22/415 Diameter: 38.50mm Height: 125mm

Capacity: 250ml Neck: 32mm Dimension: L68mm x W42mm x H144mm

Capacity: 50ml Nec finish: 20/410 Diameteri: 34mm Height: 81mm

Capacity: 3ml,5ml,7ml,15ml

Capacity: 250ml,200ml,150ml

Capacity: 120ml,100ml,50ml

Capacity: 500ml,350ml,300ml

Capacity: 250ml,200ml,150ml

Capacity: 150ml,120ml,100ml

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